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Florida newspaper readers unhappy with Biden in V.P. debate


The Palm Beach Post, a Florida newspaper, published a flurry of letters from readers this morning regarding Thursdays V.P. debate. Out of eight letters, five of them specifically addressed Vice President Joe Biden's performance.

Some excerpts:

--"...Mr. Biden’s negative demeanor ruined an otherwise professional performance..."

--"In my 80 years I have never seen a jerk in the White House put on such a display of stupidity on national TV."

--"Vice President Joe Biden was rude, he was crude, he made faces like a third-grader, and he could qualify as the class bully. He is the antithesis of a milquetoast like his boss. No names, but if the shoe fits, wear it."

--"What we saw during the TV debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan was a display of disrespect and condescension by the vice president — the administration’s crazy old uncle."

--"Joe Biden may be old enough to be Paul Ryan’s father, but he displayed a level of disrespectful immaturity that would not have been tolerated in a sixth-grade debate."

A recent poll showed Mitt Romney leading the swing state with a 7-point lead over President Obama among likely voters.

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