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The world according to Google: Obama supporters vs. Romney supporters


Have you ever noticed how your Google search results yield a lot more information than you were ever looking for?

For instance: Typing "I once saw" into a Google search bar yields some interesting suggested results:

Similarly, I'm generally fascinated by some of the image results Google will spit out with searches. In this light, I decided to conduct a bit of a social experiment. I wondered what image search results for "Obama supporter" would look like compared to those for "Romney supporter." Would the results be representative of reality? I search, you decide...

An "Obama supporter" search turns up the now-infamous "Obama phone lady," as well as a half-naked hippie man playing a recorder flute, an "older white Republican" and a topless girl with some strategically placed campaign paraphernalia. (Note: This is a family site so I've blurred out a bit of that last one.) The "related" search results also raise an eyebrow:

Meanwhile, here are the top image results for "Romney supporter" -- lots of signs, flags and a Rolls Royce:

So just as we'll see in tomorrow night's debate, this election is about choosing between two very distinct choices.

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