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Presidents Are Not Elected to 'Play Small Ball': Beck Blasts Obama For Limiting Our Ambition


"When a president limits our ambition...it's a violation of the principles that have made America great."

On Wednesday evening Glenn Beck delivered his weekly Oval Office speech, this time dedicated to American exceptionalism as manifest by Felix Baumgartner, who recently leapt from 24 miles above the earth. Oddly, a drink manufacturer, Red Bull, concocted the amazing feat, prompting Beck to wonder what NASA could achieve if this is what an energy drink company could help make possible.


"We set big goals precisely because we believe we should achieve them," Beck noted that past presidents who have sat in the Oval Office were not elected "to play small ball."

"They were trusted to put America on a path of greatness… a path of exploration… a path of discovery. And when a president limits our ambition… actually puts an end to the single greatest act of discovery we can undertake… it is not just a violation of the mission of this office…It's a violation of the principles that have made America great."

Beck noted that children around the country are the still dreaming and curious, "hoping that life will be filled with new horizons."

"Let's not disappoint them any more. Let's bring back our own sense of the possible."


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