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Real News:' Debate Still Leaves Questions About an Obama Term Two


One of the most poignant questions of Tuesday night's presidential debate came from a 2008 Obama voter who asked  "What have you done or accomplished to earn my vote in 2012? I'm not that optimistic as I was in 2012."

To the first part of the question, President Obama gave a long-winded rundown of first term 'accomplishments;' health care, more regulation on Wall Street and the bin Laden death among other talking points, but said nothing on what to be optimistic about in term two.

Mitt Romney delivered one of his strongest responses of the night when telling the 2008 Obama voter thinking about doing it again, "I think you know better." From there, Romney gave a litany of examples where the president has broken or failed to deliver on his promises. It was Romney's best rant of the night and arguably the entire campaign.

While a good deal of commentators and overall polls gave Obama the winner title for the debate--at least in part reflective of a controversial interruption by moderator Candy Crowley--Romney won several polls on individual issues.

Will Romney's "you know better" answer sway undecided voters or will they give into the perception that he doesn't have the facts straight? And why, at this point, are they still undecided when it seems the choice is pretty clear on many issues? Watch a clip from Wednesday's 'Real News' asking these questions:


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