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Obama bags his own Florida paper endorsement


It's not set to be published in the print edition until Sunday but the Tampa Bay Times has officially endorsed President Obama for a second term. From the online version of the staff editorial:

[T]he president at least proposes some specifics to bring the nation's finances into better order. He would end the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and reduce the deficit by $4 trillion over 10 years. He relies on artful accounting, and he will have to make a more serious attempt. But the president's bottom line is right: Reducing the deficit will require a combination of spending cuts and additional revenue. ...

We wish the economic recovery was more vigorous, and we would like the president to present a sharper vision for a second term. But Obama has capably steered the nation through an incredibly difficult period at home and abroad, often with little help from Congress. The next four years will not be easy for whoever occupies the Oval Office, but Obama has been tested by harsh circumstance and proven himself worthy of a second term.

Today Mitt Romney was endorsed by the Orlando Sentinel, a Florida newspaper that backed Obama in 2008.

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