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Romney Needs to Say This About China Tonight


For the past couple days, you may have seen me on the Glenn Beck

Program forced to embarrass myself against my will by dressing up as

Marie Antoinette, a cockroach, you name it.

Alas, all the personal and public humiliation I had to endure was not

without purpose.

If you can look past the get-ups, I actually gave some pretty

interesting stats-- like the country's real opinion on the auto-bailout

which you can watch here.

Everyone knows Obama's opinion on the matter, though. The president

has been on the circuit praising the auto-bailout up and down, touting

that "GM is back" and "The auto industry is creating a quarter of a

million new jobs right here in America."

Now I know tonight's debate is about foreign policy so I'm hoping the

candidates get to discuss China.

Really for no other reason than for Romney to grill Obama on the

little fact that seven out of ten GM vehicles are manufactured outside of

the United States. At least, that's what the CEO of GM said.

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