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Schieffer: 'Both of these men are qualified' for POTUS


On CBS's This Morning today Bob Schieffer, who moderated last night's debate, said he came away from it thinking both President Obama and Mitt Romney are fit to run the country.

"So now the crucial question is what do they do between now and Election Day?" Host Charlie Rose asked. "What do you think they have to do?"

"I think that both of these men are qualified to be President of the United States," Schieffer said. "These are two moral men. These are people of good values on both sides and they’re both intelligent men. I’m not going to pick a president. I’m going to leave that to the people to decide that. But, I thought we got a good and maybe a little better sense of who each of these men was last night. So, I felt in that sense, I came away feeling pretty good about it."


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