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John Sununu: 'Race-baiter in chief


Institute for Advanced Journalism Studies Director DeWayne Wickham writes on John Sununu in USA Today:

He's now the co-chair and race-baiter in chief of Mitt Romney's presidential campaign -- and, unintentionally, a lightning rod for getting blacks to the polls. ...

Sununu is well-known for taking racial potshots at Obama, the nation's first black president. During a recent appearance on Fox News, he called Obama "lazy," an oft-used attack on blacks. And in a conference call with reporters, Sununu said he wished Obama "would learn how to be an American," words that pander to the debunked charge that Obama was born in Africa. ...

But just as Obama won the presidency four years ago with only 43% of the white vote -- along with the overwhelming support of blacks and two-thirds of Hispanics and Asian voters -- he can retain the White House with the backing of less than a majority of white voters.

[USA Today]

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