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What Did Ghost Hunters Hear in 'Arlington's Original Cemetery' in Texas? Listen Yourself


"It's haunted back here."

Arlington Cemetery (Photo: Kilarin/Flickr)

Arlington Cemetery (Photo: Kilarin/Flickr)

Although Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va., often gets the spotlight, there's another cemetery bearing the same name hundreds of miles away that is seeing some attention thanks to the Halloween season.

As CBS DFW reports, in a secluded corner of "Arlington's Original Cemetery" where many of the city's founders are laid to rest, there are some who believe there is not much rest going on.

Arlington Cemetery historic marker in Arlington, Texas. (Photo: ArlingtonTx.gov)

“I haven’t been to a cemetery yet where I haven’t been able to pick up on something or get something recorded or something like that,” said ghost hunter Clay Coleman, according to CBS.

The ghost hunters taking a recorder into the cemetery weren't going in at night either, but broad daylight. Fellow ghost hunter Martin Bravo said the spirits "use this box to speak to us.”

The recorders pick up phrases like "It's haunted back here," "Do you want to play?" and "very slowly."

Watch the report with some of the sounds picked up:

As Coleman pointed out in the report, it is "counter-intuitive" that "the soul be in a place where the bodies are buried [...] But for some reason they are.”

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