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NYC's Bellevue Hospital Set to Evacuate 700 Patients in Wake of Hurricane Sandy


The storm may be over, but the devastation continues. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, ABC News is reporting that yet another New York City hospital will be evacuating today. Bellevue, which currently has 700 patients, has braved the odds since the storm hit earlier this week. However, issues within the hospital have worsened and, with the patients' health at potential risk, a decision has been made to move them out of the building.

With no computers, partial lighting and unreliable power, locating these individuals and streamlining the hospitalization process has been problematic over the past few days. ABC News has more:

When Sandy hit the New York area Monday night, Bellevue almost lost its generators. At least one got repaired just in time to stave off an evacuation, but it's been a struggle to keep the hospital going. Now an evacuation is expected -- making Bellevue the second of the city's public hospitals to be taken off line because of precarious and failing conditions that could endanger patient health.

"It's Katrina-esque in there," one nurse told ABC News.

Bellevue is perhaps the best known of the 11 hospitals that make up New York City's public hospital system. Tuesday another of those hospitals, Coney Island Hospital, at the tip of Brooklyn, was evacuated. Although one of its generators was still puttering along, another had long been underwater, and officials were reluctant to leave patients in such precarious conditions.

The hospital has ceased admitting patients as evacuations down stairways have reportedly begun. Staff members, nurses and doctors have been, based on the aforementioned issues, expecting this evacuation.

This is a breaking news update. Stay tuned for updates.

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