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Turn Black!': Jimmy Kimmel Visits NYC Barbershop to Find Out How Romney Can Win Over Black Voters

Photo Credit: ABC

Photo Credit: ABC

This week, late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel headed over to Levels Barbershop on Fulton Street in Brooklyn, New York, to ask how Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney can win over black voters. In addition to asking "if" this is possible, the comedian also pondered "how" success in this area can be reached.

"I want to ask you guys some political questions," Kimmel told the barbers, noting that Obama is winning among black Americans by a margin of 94 percent to 3 percent.

Among the more notable moments was when Kimmel asked the barbers what definitive steps Romney can take to secure more African American voters. The controversial answer came from one of the men who candidly said, "Turn black!" Another added, "Drop out of the race."

Not all of the comedian's joke were election related. Among other questions, he asked, "From a barber's perspective, what do you think of Mitt Romney's hair?"

One barber called it "decent" and another said "I don't like it." As for whether "Mitt Romney has mad flava," the group overwhelmingly said he does not (they also disagreed with the notion that Mitt Romney is their "boo").

Watch the video, below:

Of course, this isn't the first time Kimmel has sought political advice from African American barbers. Shortly after Obama took office, he attempted to gain information about appropriate jokes he could make about the president:

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