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Have You Heard About the Rush Limbaugh, Brian Williams Feud? This Will Get You Caught Up


​Williams: "Just when we think the storm wiped away everything, we learned politics survived."   Limbaugh: "Have you watched your network lately?" --​

Conservatives and the mainstream media have a complicated relationship, to put it lightly. However, the schism between the two got personal this week when NBC's Brian Williams and conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh went at each other over their differing opinions.

Williams first called out Limbaugh for saying New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie acted as a "Greek column" for President Obama in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. During the closing monologue of his Thursday night NBC broadcast, the anchor said: "After all this loss you might be curious as to why Rush Limbaugh went after Gov. Christie today. It was because he was getting along so well with the president, working together, saying nice things about Barack Obama."

"Just when we think the storm wiped away everything, we learned politics survived," he added.

On Friday, Limbaugh responded to the NBC anchor's attacks, saying "I thought Brian Williams liked me. Apparently not anymore."

He then hit Williams for "living a cloistered life" and claimed he misunderstood why he was actually upset with Christie's interaction with Obama.

After teeing up, Limbaugh then blasted Williams and NBC over the network's lack of coverage on the Benghazi scandal.

"Let me ask you: Have you watched your network lately?" Limbaugh asked, a question directed at Williams. "Have you watched your sister or brother network, MSNBC, lately? You guys have your own mess to clean up there. Because you and your colleagues, you’re not only destroying news and journalism in this country, you’re not even doing your job."

He continued: "Does Benghazi ring a bell to anyone at NBC? Does the name mean anything? I know it’s not as cool as Iran-Contra or Watergate or Katrina — those all involve Republicans. But you know, Brian, four Americans died, as it turns out, unnecessarily. They were murdered. And people were trying to get answers, and NBC doesn’t care. NBC is helping to cover it up."

Rush twice mentioned that he thought Williams "liked" him, hinting that the two may have had some kind of working relationship. That relationship, whatever it was, appears to be over.

Listen to Limbaugh's response to Williams here via The Daily Rushbo:



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