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Real News:' What Ideological Implications Could Tuesday Have for the GOP and Democratic Party?


As we've seen as recently as 2008, a presidential election can have major ideological implications for a nation and a political party, as the Democrats today seem coalesced behind the ideology of Barack Obama, leaning further to the left than the Bill Clinton "Third Way" ideology of the party in the 1990s. With just days before the election, commentators are already prognosticating what a Mitt Romney victory or defeat says about the direction of the GOP and ideological leanings of the nation as a whole. David Brooks of the New York Times argued last week that a Romney win would be a victory for moderation, while in turn then a defeat means Romney was dragged too far to the right by radical elements of the party.

But could a Romney win more so mean a rejection of the leftward direction the country has been headed under Barack Obama? That America is truly center right and wants a different course?

Also, is there an objective answer to whether or not Romney ran this race as a moderate or as a conservative? Democrats try to paint him as having extreme views to the right, but it is easy to foresee that if Romney loses, his primary opponents could compare him to another moderate like John McCain. On 'Real News' Friday the panel discussed the ideological implications Tuesday's election could have for the Democratic Party, GOP and Tea Party. Watch a clip below:

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