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Four New Hilarious 'B.S. of A.' Videos You Need to See Before the Election!

(Photo: TheBlaze TV)

"The B.S. of A. With Brian Sack," TheBlaze TV's political comedy show, has just released four new clips ahead of Tuesday's election.

Tensions are understandably high as the country faces what is arguably the most important election of our lifetimes, but The B.S. of A. attempts to find the funny side of politics.

In the first video, Sack explores get-out-the-vote efforts (and why they may not be such a good idea) in a "Pumpernickel Boulevard" segment loosely based on Sesame Street:

In the second video, Sack pokes fun at what the politically-inclined and impatient fear most-- days or even weeks of uncertainty after November 6 if recounts are required.  Posing as an infomercial-style lawyer, Sack jokes:

"If you're on the losing side of this year's presidential election, then you know this election has been ​stolen!​ Well here at Brian Sack's House of Recount Lawyers, we're here to get you the justice that, thanks to the news you listen to, you think you're owed...."

In the third video Sack interviews Matt Fisher, who poses as an overly sensitive self-described Republican with an Obama tattoo on his forehead:

And in the last clip, a fictional game show called "Stay on Message" features actors posing as contenders for Missouri Senate Claire McCaskill and Todd Akin.  The two are instructed to answer various questions in the least controversial way possible, but with Todd Akin's "legitimate rape" remarks still circulating, it's safe to say they failed:



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