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Charles Krauthammer: Mainstream Media May Start Covering Benghazi 'Now That the Story Is Attached to a Sex Scandal


​​"We will unravel all the threads of this in time."

Charles Krauthammer (Photo Credit: FILE)

Dissecting the implications of General Petraeus' resignation Friday as the head of the CIA, syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said the media may finally start covering the Benghazi scandal now that there is a "sex scandal" attached to it.

"We will unravel all the threads of this in time, we're just in the first few hours. But I think it's worth noting what we do know, this is the end of a career of a truly great American."

After rattling off a number of Petraeus' impressive career accomplishments, Krauthammer explained that even though the general will not be testifying in next week's congressional hearings, the Benghazi story will not get swept under the rug because of his absence.

"In an odd way, and sort of a discouraging way, now that the story is attached to a sex scandal, it will become a story that will be pursued by the media as was not pursued before," he added.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist said the mainstream media has ignored the Benghazi scandal both in order to protect Obama and due to a lack of interest. But that could change.

“Given the nature of our journalism, it will now become the hottest story around and you can be sure that even the mainstream papers […] are going to get on it now,” he said. "It will unravel."

Some, like Lt. Col. Ralph Peterson, say the timing of Petraeus' resignation was just "too perfect" given the fact he was supposed to testify before Congress about the deadly Benghazi terrorist attack next week.

"I don't like conspiracy theories, I may be totally wrong, but the timing of this, again, right after the election and right before Petraeus is supposed to get grilled on Capitol Hill, it's really smells," he said on Fox News.

(H/T: Fox News Insider)

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