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Petraeus Mistress Paula Broadwell Told Aspen Audience in July: 'I Had Access to Everything

Paula Broadwell (FILE)

Paula Broadwell (FILE)

Yet another revelation in the David Petraeus scandal is raising more questions about how much access biographer, and mistress, Paula Broadwell had to classified material.

During a July appearance at the Aspen Security Conference in Aspen, Colo., Broadwell said she "had access to everything." She also spoke about the time she had spent with Gen. Petraeus.

“I was embedded with Gen. Petraeus in Afghanistan, and it was a little confusing to some of the folks there because I am also a military reservist with a top secret FBI clearance and then some,” Broadwell said during the discussion.

She continued: “I had access to everything, it was my experience not to leak it, not to violate my mentor, if you will…He was a very close mentor.”

Watch the video via CBS Denver:

Obviously, she made no mention of the personal details between her and the former four-star general, however, one comment from the July conference is sure to raise some eyebrows.

“From the journalist or author point of view, you can’t get the story in the granular detail … unless you go there and you live it a little bit,” she told the audience.

As CBS Denver points out, Broadwell has yet to make any public statements about the broadening scandal that has rocked the federal government.

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