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6 'Naughty' Companies That Are Allegedly 'Christmas Unfriendly


Naughty and nice.

Each holiday season, the Liberty Counsel (LC), a conservative, non-profit litigation and education organization, publishes its "Naughty and Nice List." The purpose of the endeavor is to inform the public about the "retailers that acknowledge Christmas" and those businesses "that pretend it doesn't exist."

Naturally, those companies landing on the "nice" list are those which embrace Christmas and refrain from watering down the holiday's true spirit. On the flip side, "naughty" companies are those that, in some way, purportedly dismiss the Christmas tradition.

According to LC, the designations are made based on the organization's research and on reports from consumers. As each holiday season progresses, companies are added to both the "naughty" and "nice" roster. Below, find six of the most interesting and well-known brands on the "naughty" list.


American Eagle Outfitters, Inc.

LC claims that American Eagle is had an "egregious disregard" for Christmas over the past five years. As for its web site, the organization writes that the company "profits off colors, sights, sounds and symbols of 'Christmas' yet remains exclusive of 'Christmas.'" The final verdict? With no products and lacking in Christmas spirit, LC concludes that the company is "'Christmas' unfriendly."

Photo Credit: American Eagle



Like American Eagle, the GAP doesn't use the word "Christmas" anywhere on its web site. Considering that no items are sold in relation to the holiday, LC has added it to its "naughty" list as well. The group accuses the company of purging the word from its "stores, commercials or other advertisements."

Photo Credit: GAP



According to LC, Garmin should become known for much more than its GPS systems and other technologies. An analysis of the company's web site apparently found no contemporary mentions of "Christmas." However, the organization reports that the Christian holiday has been mentioned in the past. LC wants shoppers to express their "disappointment over the company's non-acknowledgement of 'Christmas.'"

Screen shot of the Garmin web site, featuring the word "holiday"


Old Navy

Owned by Gap, Inc., Old Navy has also come under fire by LC for not promoting "Christmas" in its stores. While the word "holidays" is touted on the company's web site, Christmas, itself, is not promoted. Considering the GAP's handling of this issue on its own site, there's no surprise there.

Screen shot from Old Navy's web site


Tractor Supply Company 

A seemingly odd inclusion, LC claims that Tractor Supply Company's web site includes no mention of Christmas. While the company does offer a "Happy Holidays" gift card, as of today there is no mention of the Christian holiday on the front page of the company. But it must be mentioned that, upon searching for "Christmas," numerous items (see below) pertaining to the holiday are for sale by Tractor Supply Company.

Screen shot from the Tractor Supply Company web site


Abercrombie & Fitch

Last, but not least, we feature the clothing company Abercrombie & Fitch. Currently, LC has the business listed as being anti-Christmas. While the group claims the holiday isn't mentioned anywhere on the Abercrombie web site, TheBlaze found it prominently featured on its homepage. Perhaps this change went into effect after LC published this year's list. Here's the pro-Christmas screen shot.

Screen shot of the Abercrombie web site


For the full list of companies that are purportedly hostile to Christmas (and those that are "nice"), click here.

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