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Here's a Web Tool You'll Want to Play With: Visit Famous Landmarks Through Google Street View in a Flash


Google Street View often touts itself as letting you take a tour of some of the most famous places around the world without having to leave your living room. Now a web tool has made Street View's images of famous sites (and even not so famous places) even more easy to access.

The website Quick Street View (QSView) lets you begin typing in where you'd like to go, aids the speedy process with autocomplete and instantly brings up an image of the place. Here are a couple examples.

(Image: QSView screenshot)

(Image: QSView screenshot)

You might notice if you type in more obscure locations, a Street View might not exist for it. The same could occur if your search is too broad. If that's the case, QSView will show a map from Google instead.

(Image: QSView screenshot)

The search bar outline color will indicate status. Here's a key from the website's "about section":

(Image: QSView screenshot)

Try not to spend the next four hours taking a world tour.

(H/T: Gizmodo)

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