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Police Continue Search for 11-Year-Old Cancer Patient Taken From Hospital by Mother Five Days Ago


“Once an infection starts, it could be just a matter of days..."

(Image: Phoenix Police Department)

Arizona police are still on the lookout for an 11-year-old leukemia patient missing from the Phoenix Children’s Hospital since last week. She was taken by her mother, but doctors fear that the longer she is gone, the more fatal her potential outcome.

The Today Show reported that the girl identified as Emily can been seen in surveillance footage walking in the hospital with a IV bag still attached. Emily left the hospital the day before she was expected to be formally released, after she had been treated for leukemia for a month and had her arm amputated as a result of the disease.

(Image: Phoenix Police Department)

“There’s a pretty good chance of this child obtaining an infection,” Phoenix police spokesman Steve Martos said according to Today. “Once an infection starts, it could be just a matter of days, which could turn fatal.”

Here's NBC's report with footage:

ABC News reported a nurse calling 911 when she realized Emily was missing on Wednesday night. The pre-teen left the hospital wearing a wig and street clothes covering her amputated arm. ABC added that the catheter for the IV into Emily's chest was removed before they excited the building.

These are few screenshots showing Emily walking through the hospital with her mother and brother and the black van they entered. (Image: Phoenix Police Department)

Watch ABC's report:

All that has been released about Emily's family are the first names her her parents: Norma and Luis. It is unknown why her family wanted to take her the day before she was scheduled to be released.

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