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Real News:' Fiscal Cliff Negotiations Continue to Move Slow


Along with all the usual public posturing on the Sunday news shows this week about how far apart each side is in the fiscal cliff negotiations, a Monday report from the Wall Street Journal indicates that insiders say this sentiment is as unproductive behind closed doors.

The public posturing is a familiar element of negotiations that by any measure still have a long way to go. How political leaders talk in public isn't always a good indication of their private discussions. This time, both sides acknowledge they are running short on time before $500 billion in scheduled tax increases and spending cuts begin in January.

Congressional aides for both parties say current back-channel talks are just as unproductive as those taking place in front of the TV cameras.

On 'Real News' Monday the panel discussed the dismal progression of negotiations between the House GOP and White House, where this Fiscal Cliff came from, and whether there is any possible political win for Republicans in this fight:

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