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Real News:' Morsi Leaves Palace as Egyptian Constitution Hangs in Balance


The unrest continued in Egypt Tuesday with at least 100,000 protesters clashing with police in Cairo, 12 Newspapers and five TV channels going on strike in protest of what they're calling “a constitution that terminates rights and restrains freedoms,” and President Mohammed Morsi fleeing the presidential palace.

The protests stem from actions made by Morsi consolidating his power by removing him from judicial oversight. If the new Egyptian constitution is struck down by the people in the December 15 referendum, President Morsi will retain the "emergency" powers that Mohamed ElBaradei, former head of the IAEA and head of Egypt's Al-Dostour (Constitution) party, says "exceeds that of Hosni Mubarak at his dictatorial peak."

On 'Real News' Tuesday the panel discussed who is really protesting in the Egyptian streets, what new protests could break out after the constitutional referendum, and what questions the continued protest raise about Sharia and Democracy. Watch a clip below with Eric Trager of The Washington Institute: 

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