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Rove down at Fox News but not out at WSJ


Despite reportedly being kept off the air (for the time being) at Fox News, Karl Rove can still be found writing in the Wall Street Journal.

Both Fox News and WSJ are owned by News Corp.

In an op-ed for the newspaper today, Rove writes that Congress failing to reach a deal on the fiscal cliff will result in negative consequences for Republicans. But hey, it'll make things easier for them in the 2014 elections:

[A] second-term president has total ownership of the economy. If the Congressional Budget Office is correct and going over the fiscal cliff causes the economy to shrink and unemployment to rise—while Americans see tax bills going up an average of nearly $3,500—then Republicans won't escape blame but neither will the president. The damage to him may be long-lasting.

A weakened Mr. Obama makes recruiting and preparing for the 2014 midterms easier for Republicans and harder for Democrats.

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