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USA Today calls pizza makers 'some of the nation's hardest working


In it's staff editorial today USA Today addresses comments made by Papa Johns founder John Schnatter that the restaurant's pizza prices would go up due to "Obamacare":

"Yes, the employer mandate will add to some companies' costs of doing business, and those costs no doubt will be passed along to customers. Papa John's says the price of a pizza could increase 11 cents to 14 cents per pie. But is that such a terrible price to pay to ensure that some of the nation's hardest working, lowest paid employees will get health coverage they've never had?"

Judgement on who should receive health insurance aside, has USA Today been inside a Papa Johns? The average worker is a 20-something kid with flour on his/her face who can't seem to answer a customer phone call without sounding like a complete ass.

"Some of the nation's hardest working" doesn't necessarily mean "best working." Just a thought.

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