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Poll: Republicans aren't willing to accept their own spending cuts


In theory, the Republican Party unites behind a banner of tax & spending cuts. But when it comes to practice, the latest Maris-McClatchy poll suggests that Republican voters aren't even willing to accept the consequences of tough governing decisions.  Here's a look at some things Republican voters oppose:

By 47-37, letting the Obama payroll tax cut expire.

By 68-26, cutting spending for Medicare.

By 61-33, cutting spending for Medicaid.

By 66-28, eliminating the tax deduction for home mortgage interest.

By 72-25, eliminating the charitable tax deduction.

By 56-44, raising the Medicare eligibility age from 65 to 67.

If Republicans on Capitol Hill are tasked with convincing Democrats to make concessions in the form of spending cuts, what concessions will Republican voters make?

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