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Real News:' North Korea Fires Rocket--Should Anyone Be Surprised? What Does This Really Mean?


Somehow the young leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un has caught the world off guard after successfully firing a rocket into space Wednesday--an act that has been labeled by some as an act of defiance, others see it as just the latest publicity stunt from the isolated and impoverished nation. Earlier in December, Kim Jong Un said he would carry out a rocket launch this week that marks the one year anniversary of his father and predecessor's death, and had a failed rocket launch attempt last April. 

The White House called Wednesday's launch a “highly provocative” act, and  Japan and South Korea security officials are on high alert. Iran, on the other hand, is cheering.

Joined by Gordon Chang, Wednesday's 'Real News' team debated  if this successful launch will be followed by others, what the U.S. should do, and if showing their weapons capability; North Korea is not trying to threaten but attract Iran with the technology or weaponry to buy in order to build Tehran's nuclear arsenal.


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