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Watch Matt Damon Say 'You Know' 16 Times in 2 Minutes in Tax Deal Discussion


"You know, I believe, you know, I just, I believe that we’re all in it together"

Hollywood actor Matt Damon has never been shy about his political beliefs, vocally supporting Democrats and their policies for years.

Last week, the "Bourne" star appeared on the Tavis Smiley Show to discuss the looming "fiscal cliff" and tax hikes for families making over $250,000 (or as Obama refers to it, "millionaires and billionaires").

In the interview, Damon reiterated that he ​should​ be paying more taxes, implying that Republicans are against tax increases because they don't want to pay fair wages to police officers and firemen.

"I don’t drive by a fire house and see guys playing cards and begrudge the fact that my taxes pay them, because every once in a while, the bell goes off and those guys run into a burning building...you know?" he said.

The Daily Rushbo, likely familiar with Damon's political beliefs, found another interesting aspect of the interview.  Apparently Damon said "you know" a total of 16 times in just two minutes.

Watch the Daily Rushbo's clip and see for yourself, below (skip to about 30 seconds):

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