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New Unedited Video Appears to Prove Alleged Mich. Union Activist's Assault on Fox Contributor – Watch It Here


"Leftists will lie and attack to defend their narrative at all costs." Bonus: New footage shows attacker verbally berating victim before attack

While the Michigan Legislature debated last week whether it should pass right-to-work legislation, pro-union and union-affiliated demonstrators swarmed the state Capitol building to protest the historic occasion.

And for at least a few alleged union activists, “protest” means “attack” and “dismantle."

We’re sure you remember TheBlaze's report on the assault on Fox News contributor Steven Crowder:

Courtesy Steven Crowder

And you may not know this, but in the days following the release of the original video of the attack on Crowder, several people accused him of instigating the fight by goading and then physically pushing the alleged union activist:

Daily Kos

Little Green Footballs

Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher


However, despite all the "well, he started it" arguments from left-leaning sites, newly released footage from Crowder may finally reveal the truth of the matter. The whole video sets up the incident, but pay special attention at the 5:40 mark (CONTENT WARNING: PERVASIVE GRAPHIC LANGUAGE):

We've screen grabbed the relevant moments and also highlighted where Crowder's hands are as the man falls:

“They were tearing down the [Americans for Prosperity] tent,” Crowder told TheBlaze last week. “Now that sort of becomes a melee. They were trying to tear down the [AFP] tent and people were trying to pull them off … there were people in there. It’s their property.”

“And as they [the union activists] did that, a few people tripped,” he continued, “this guy tripped over a tent peg and then got up and hit me.”

Though shaky, it would appear that the new footage confirms Crowder's version of events.

"I was punched in the face four times,” Crowder told TheBlaze in an email. “I must have started it. I filed a police report -- nobody cared.”

“I've now released undeniable, extensive footage that removes all doubt,” he adds, “but I guess I deserved it anyway. Leftists will lie and attack to defend their narrative at all costs. Sunlight is the best disinfectant there is. Breitbart lives."

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