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Get ready to laugh: This old RadioShack commercial shows everything you wanted for Christmas in 1991

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

You might not think about technology of yesteryear too often, but the holidays are a time to reminisce.

An old RadioShack commercial from 1991 shows just what you might have put on your Christmas list back then.

Camcorders have become much smaller and sleeker since the 90s. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Has your stereo changed much compared to this model? (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Yes, this is a car phone. Meaning, it's a phone with a cord for your car. (Image: YouTube screenshot)

Watch the whole thing for yourself:

In the spirit of reminiscing about favored presents past, let us know in the comments section below what your favorite gift ever given or received was:

I'll go first.

Gave: Rice cooker I got for my dad. I once teased him for wanting such an unnecessary kitchen item -- a pot of boiling water and a lid will do just fine in my opinion. I got it for him more of as a gag since I had given him a hard time. But now almost 10 years later, he to this day still talks about how great it is and how regularly he uses it.

Received: My grandfather's compound light microscope, passed down from my uncle. Such an antique that even had a great wooden case for it. Complete also with slides, cover slips and dyes for my then budding scientist self.

(H/T: Gizmodo)

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