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NY man worries he won't be able to buy groceries online after 'fiscal cliff


Proof that going over the "fiscal cliff" will hurt the least among us, via the New York Post (emphasis mine):

With the approaching fiscal cliff less than 100 hours away, things are getting awfully personal on Capitol Hill.

Which means that the chances of reaching a deal to avoid expiration of the Bush-era tax cuts are approaching slim to none.

And if they’re allowed to expire, it would trigger the largest tax hike in US history — meaning lots of pain and suffering, especially in already tax-weary New York.

“My savings, my investments, my retirement contribution will be hit very hard,” 26-year-old Mary Kaltenberg told The Post.

My [tax] increase, almost $4,000, is what I pay on FreshDirect for the year,” said 67-year-old John Gebhard. “I just buy the basics. It’s my food for the year.”

FreshDirect is an online store that delivers groceries straight to customers' doors.

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