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Here's the homemade bunny dress a wife worried people on Reddit would say mean things about -- but did they?


"this dress makes me want to be a better person."

(Photo: Imgur)

The Internet can be a cruel, mean, scary place where anonymity allows anyone to say just about whatever they want -- it's often not positive. So, when a husband told his wife to post a picture of her homemade bunny dress -- yes, that's a dress for a rabbit -- she was worried about what people would say.

(Photo: Imgur)

According to the thread on Reddit, the redditor (this is what people on Reddit are called) named opensourcedave wrote that his wife said "what if people say mean things about it?" A valid question given that you can write about someone selflessly helping out a homeless person and people will write mean things about it.

Well, they posted the photo anyway and more than 1,400 comments later, you might be surprised at how many are positive. Sure, there are the mean, sarcastic and completely off topic comments, but when you couple a wife proud of her bunny dress who is afraid an Internet troll will say something mean about her creation, could people really, truly respond in the fashion she so feared?

Commenters have said things like "this dress makes me want to be a better person." Others praised the outfit as a whole, complete with a bow. And still others said the adorable image simply made their day.

If nothing else, this Reddit thread is at least a good example of the lesson parents often teach their children when they have nothing nice to say. If you don't remember it, let Thumper from Disney's Bambi tell you (Please take not of how appropriate this is considering it's coming from a rabbit):

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