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Radio Host Alex Jones Gets in Spat With TSA at Texas Airport -- See the Photos


"Jones was approached by a police officer who immediately got in his face and started threatening him with arrest."

(Photo via InfoWars)

Controversial radio host Alex Jones is grabbing headlines today after he was stopped by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport for refusing to remove his shoes while attempting to travel from Texas to New York City en route to an appearance on CNN.

Alex Jones hashing it out over his refusal to take off his shoes with a TSA agent. (Photo via InfoWars)

Jones' website InfoWars reported that he saw other passengers around him going through without removing their shoes and that's when the trouble started.

Here's how it went down reportedly today according to InfoWars:

As soon as he approached security, Jones was addressed by a TSA screener who said, “Hello Mr. Jones,” indicating that she knew who he was, and immediately ordered him to remove his shoes.

When Jones refused, citing the fact that innumerable other people had not removed their shows, the TSA screener claimed that only under 12′s and over 75′s were not mandated to remove footwear under TSA policy.

When Jones contested the point, arguing that numerous travelers in their 40′s had not removed their shoes, other TSA agents ordered him to take off his shoes, before Jones was approached by a police officer who immediately got in his face and started threatening him with arrest.

(Photo via InfoWars)

InfoWars stated that Jones' objected to removing his shoes due to an incident with athletes foot he had contracted from an airport floor a few years prior.

Jones being detained by TSA. (Photo via InfoWars)

Eventually, Jones did remove his shoes and go through the metal detector. Allegedly as he passed through though, a "beep" went off and the TSA agents nearby began laughing. Jones's site claims that the screeners purposefully set off the detector in order to delay him further.

Jones is now considering a lawsuit for what he considers was a violation of his civil liberties and for allegedly being targeted because he has been critical of the TSA.

It should be noted that the travelers in their 40s that Jones saw not removing shoes could have been enrolled in TSA's PreCheck program, which allows some pre-screened, frequent travelers to pass through TSA without removing their footwear to expedite the process.

Jones has long been a controversial figure and has been maligned by both the Left and the Right. He's supported both 9/11 "trutherism" and Barack Obama "birtherism."

InfoWars reports that Jones was on his way to New York City to appear on CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight."

You can see more pictures from the encounter over at InfoWars.

(H/T: Drudge)

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