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You'll Never Believe What Staffers Gave Hillary Clinton as a Gag Gift on Monday

Photo Credit: Twitter/@MitchellReports

Following a month filled with multiple health issues, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton headed back to work today. News of her impending return to the State Department first emerged over the weekend, with an official schedule claiming that she would be back in the office around 9:00 a.m. Upon her re-emergence, the nation's top diplomat received a comical gift from her co-workers -- a protective helmet.

Photo Credit: Twitter/@MitchellReports

The gift is particularly pertinent, considering Clinton's most recent health woes. Gawker provides a brief recap of the numerous ailments that have impacted the top U.S. official over the past 30 days:

Clinton today held the first senior staff meeting since early December, when a stomach virus forced her to remain at home. While recuperating, Clinton succumbed to severe dehydration, which caused her to faint and fall, leading to a concussion.

Two weeks later, while she was being examined by doctors, a blood clot was discovered in a vein between Clinton's skull and brain.

She received treatment at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, and released last Wednesday.

Photo Credit: Twitter/@MitchellReports

Her employees were apparently eager to greet her with a gift that seemed aimed at both poking fun at Clinton and praising her (perhaps simultaneously). Considering that she sustained a concussion as a result of the fall, the helmet is a light-hearted gift -- one that came complete with a State Department seal.

In addition to the headgear, she was given a football jersey with her name ("Clinton") and the number 112 (the number of countries she visited during her tenure as Secretary of State).

(H/T: Gawker)



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