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Fox News' Keith Ablow down on social media, reality TV


When Dr. Keith Ablow talks, we listen.

Using a new study that showed this generation of college students to be exceptionally narcissistic as a platform, Fox News' resident psychiatrist pointed his finger social media and reality TV.

From Ablow's latest FoxNews.com column:

On Facebook, young people can fool themselves into thinking they have hundreds or thousands of “friends.” They can delete unflattering comments. They can block anyone who disagrees with them or pokes holes in their inflated self-esteem. They can choose to show the world only flattering, sexy or funny photographs of themselves (dozens of albums full, by the way), “speak” in pithy short posts and publicly connect to movie stars and professional athletes and musicians they “like.”

Using Twitter, young people can pretend they are worth “following,” as though they have real-life fans, when all that is really happening is the mutual fanning of false love and false fame. ...

On MTV and other networks, young people can see lives just like theirs portrayed on reality TV shows fueled by such incredible self-involvement and self-love that any of the “real-life” characters should really be in psychotherapy to have any chance at anything like a normal life.

These are the psychological drugs of the 21st Century and they are getting our sons and daughters very sick, indeed.

He's so right; Facebook users really do only show the sexy photos of themselves.

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