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Latest internet craze: #Teoing


In case you haven't been following the bizarre tale of one Manti Te’o -- a linebacker from Notre Dame who is a) incredibly gullible, b) incredibly insane, or c) both -- the internet is here to get you caught up. With a meme.

You've heard of "Tebowing," a kneeling spoof of Tim Tebow's penitence on the football field...

Now, there's "Teoing" -- proudly showing off your non-existant girlfriend a la Manti Te'o.

Exhibit A: Clint Eastwood and his "girlfriend"

Yes, there is a website now dedicated to the art of #Teoing.

Whether the whole thing was a hoax or not, people on the web are sure having fun with it.  I don't know whether to laugh or feel bad for the guy, but I know one thing for sure -- I love the internet.

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