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Pro-Gun Control Piers Morgan Once Joked About Shooting His Rivals & Said Homeowners Who Shoot Burglars Shouldn't Face Charges

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CNN's Piers Morgan has come out swinging in the last month as a major proponent of gun control legislation, but just a few years ago it seems he was singing a different tune: he once mused about shooting professional enemies and said homeowners who kill burglars shouldn't be prosecuted.

The Daily Caller uncovered those comments and more from Morgan in an op-ed he wrote in 2004 and an interview he gave in 2006 when he was still in England. For starters, Morgan faced a tough choice when discussing what he would do to rivals "Top Gear" host Jeremy Clarkson, writer A.A. Gill and editor Ian Hislop:

“So the real question is, if I had a gun with just two bullets, who would I shoot?” Morgan said during the May 2006 interview.

“In the end,” wrote Hardy, “he can’t choose between them, so he opts for a clean shot to take out Hislop and a ricocheting hit to mortally wound both Clarkson and Gill.”

But it's the 2004 op-ed he wrote for the Evening Standard that perhaps highlights the biggest change between Morgan then and Morgan now. Titled,"I can't be liberal on burglars," Morgan said several break-ins in his home had made him wish for a gun, despite Britain's ban on firearms. He brought up the murder of financier John Monckton, murdered during a home invasion in 2004:

If Monckton “had killed one of those burglars while defending himself … then he would now be facing a jail sentence for manslaughter or even murder,” Morgan wrote. “No part of my liberalism allows me to deem this fair.”

“I am now so liberal on most things that my army-officer brother likes to refer to me as a ‘wet, pinko, cheese-eating surrender monkey,’” Morgan wrote. “I’m antiwar, don’t like foxhunting, feel threatened by ID cards, and think cannabis should be decriminalised.”

“But when it comes to burglars I turn into a rabid fascist. I want them erased from life, all of them. Preferably after a decent period of cattle-prodding, testicle electrode treatment, and slow gentle skewering over hot coals.”

Morgan also wrote that when he bought his first home in London, they were burgled three times in six months, and said he would have no regrets about killing a burglar who was a threat to him or his family:

I wouldn’t shoot anyone because, like most people in this country, I’m not licensed to carry a gun,” he insisted. “But if I woke up to find a thug in my house at 2am, stealing my hard-earned things, and posing a clear and present threat to my wellbeing and perhaps that of my children, then I wouldn’t hesitate to grab the hardest thing I could find and defend myself.”

“And if I killed a burglar in that situation, I would expect the law to be on my side, not the despicable little toerag defiling my life.”

Days after the Newtown shooting, Morgan interviewed Gun Owners of America leader Larry Pratt who said America needs to “ban gun control laws that keep people from being able to protect themselves.”

Morgan went on to accuse Pratt of talking “complete and utter nonsense” and called him an "unbelievably stupid man."

"You have absolutely no coherent argument whatsoever,” Morgan said. “You don’t give a damn, do you, about the gun murder rate in America? You don’t actually care."



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