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An Inside Look at Glenn Beck's Inauguration Night 'Misfits Ball


On Monday evening, Glenn Beck marked the inauguration of President Obama, by hosting an array of guests who would likely never find themselves on the receiving end of an actual invitation to the presidential inaugural ball. Complete with a satirical "red carpet," entertainment and banquet tables adorned with center pieces and guests clad in black ties, Beck's "misfits ball" offered viewers a taste of what a presidential inauguration might look like if it met a celebrity-roast.

Sen. Rick Santorum, Utah Mayor Mia Love, Dana Loesch, historian David Barton and others participated in the event to discuss politics and and the prospect of moving forward as conservatives and libertarians in 2013. Topics ran the gamut, from Obamacare to entitlements, religion to business and of course, the future of the Republican Party, which Santorum does not believe will be changing anytime soon.

Below are video segments from the affair. The first features Beck and his guests as they focus on politics:

Below Beck and his guests discuss religion and whether the conservative right has lost its way. Notable religious leaders including Pastor John Hagee joined David Barton and others in the conversation:


In the segment below, Beck hosted guests he considers to be great business minds of today. Right to work, labor unions and other issues impacting businesses today were among the topics discussed:

Of course, everything is simply talk if no one actually takes initiative, which is why Beck also hosted a series of grassroots activists currently advocating for smaller government, including Freedom Works and Misfits Politics:


Additional photos can be viewed below:

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