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Is This YouTube Video Proof That NASA's Moon Landings Were Definitely NOT Faked?


"Did they fake going to the moon? No, I'm pretty sure they didn't. Because they couldn't."

Apollo 11 moon landing. (Photo: NASA)

Since the very beginning there are have been conspiracy theories that the moon landings made on NASA's Apollo missions were faked. The doubt cast on moon landings is such an evergreen story that it's reported on in one way or another by someone every year, but a man is making a compelling case that could show once and for all it was not the work of an elaborate hoax.

S.G. Collins, the writer and director of Postwar Media based in Amsterdam, released a YouTube video in December 2012 that essentially says the technology at the time was not sophisticated enough to adequately fake such an event.

"Did people go to the moon in 1969? I'm not totally sure -- I wasn't on the moon then," Collins says in the video. "Did they fake going to the moon? No, I'm pretty sure they didn't. Because they couldn't."

In his video "moon hoax not," Collins said the technology to send man to the moon was in fact available at the time, but not the technology to fake it on video.

"The later you were born, the more 'all powerful' movie magic seems," Collins said.

Collins addresses some of the "flaws" that have been called up by those doubting the moon landing:

  • Should have seen stars? Collins said that we wouldn't see stars in the moon landing images because the camera was set to expose in broad daylight.

The image on the left is the original. The image on the right shows what the photograph would have looked like if the camera's exposure was set to capture stars. (Image: YouTube screenshots)

  • Flag waving the breeze? Collins said this isn't the case, it is wiggling in a vacuum after being let go. TheBlaze has reported before that the flags were also said to be designed to remain out stretched with a waving effect.

  • Shadows stretch unrealistically? No they don't, Collins said. "Go outside sometime and see how shadows work."

What's more, Collins said that it wasn't yet possible to fake what we saw on TV. "Why are people missing this?" he asked.

Collins goes on to address the different types of cameras that were used, were technologically available at the time and what their capabilities were.

Watch Collins' debunking (Note: some strong language):

On the blog side of his website, Collins addresses some of the criticism he has received about his video:

some of the editorial pushback on my 'moon hoax not' movie is all about how the government in those days already had technologies much more advanced than anything i can imagine. including the powerful electronics needed to record hours of continuous overcranked video.

my feeling is that if indeed they had such electronics, then [a] we can't argue that their navigation computers weren't powerful enough to get them to the moon, and [b] that technology would likely have trickled down to the private sector at least a decade or two sooner than it did.

so assertions of technological omnipotence tend to persuade me that the americans could and did go to the moon — not the other way around.

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(H/T: Boing Boing, FStoppers)

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