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Why Do Some Think Allowing Women in Combat Could Be a Bad Thing?


At the recommendation of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, outgoing Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta lifted the ban on women in combat Thursday, opening the door for up to 230,000 fighting positions previously closed to females. The reaction to the announcement has been decidedly mixed.

Many believe that the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have blurred the notion of “front lines” and that women face combat already, yet the ban serves to block certain promotions, compensation and advancement. Others feel that the reality of combat missions will be hampered by the presence of females. Retired Army Lt. General and Family Research Council Executive Vice President Jerry Boykin called the move a "social experiment."

On 'Real News' Thursday the panel discussed with guest and former Marine Corps Sergeant Jesse Kelly why some may be opposed to overturning the ban and what major issues are still currently facing women in the military.

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