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SNL: MLK's Ghost Visits Obama to Chat About Beyoncé's Beauty & Michelle's Bangs (Plus: MLK Throws a Jab at Cornel West!)


"I thought I was having another one my famous dreams."

Photo Credit: SNL/NBC


"Saturday Night Live" poked fun at President Barack Obama, depicting a mock conversation  between the American leader and the ghost of civil rights hero Martin Luther King Jr. As Obama sat down to enjoy a beer and reflect upon his historic second inauguration, King's ghost appeared in front of him. The president, clearly anxious to ask serious questions following the apparition, was surprised to find that King was most concerned about Beyoncé's lip-syncing and Michelle Obama's new-found bangs.

"I have come to visit with you on the night of this historic inauguration," King told Obama.

"Have I lived up to the promise of your legacy?" the president asked. "Are we on the right track as a nation?"

King, though, had more pressing issues to discuss than his life's work and America's current trajectory.

"We'll get to all that Barack. We'll get to that," he responded. "But first things first -- did you see that girl Beyoncé?"

Obama, surprised by King's lack of focus on serious issues, said, "Excuse me?" But the ghost of MLK continued to discuss the popular singer, expressing that he was so enthralled during her performance at the inauguration that he had to pinch himself.

"I thought I was having another one my famous dreams," he told Obama.

While the president continued to try and get King to discuss more pressing issues and the "very real changes facing this nation," King moved next from Beyoncé to Michelle's bangs. He asked, "What is she, guest starring on the 'New Girl?'" Before he departed from his meeting with Obama, the civil rights leader added that he needed to next pay a visit to professor and activist Cornel West.

"I've got to go visit Cornel West and tell him to take it down about 30 notches," he said.

Watch the skit below, via NBC:

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