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Conservative Activist Battles Martin Bashir Over Fox News: Without Fox, 'We'd Still Think That Benghazi...Happened Because of a Video


"I’m very happy to come on MSNBC and say thank God for Fox News."



Appearing on MSNBC's "Bashir Live" on Tuesday, American Majority Action spokesman Ron Meyer defended the value of Fox News, saying without the network the American people would still think the Benghazi terrorist attack occurred because of a YouTube video.

Meyer's fiery defense of Fox came after President Barack Obama criticized conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh and Fox News for punishing GOP lawmakers when they try to compromise with Democrats.

Host Martin Bashir began by sarcastically asking Meyer if he was afraid Obama would take away his Fox News and his guns. And Meyer came out swinging.

“I’m very happy to come on MSNBC and say thank God for Fox News. Because the fact of the matter is, without Fox News, we’d still think that Benghazi, that that terrorist attack happened because of a video," Meyer said.

“By the way, they have more hard news people than NBC, CNN and everybody else combined,” he continued.

“Don’t forget, also, we wouldn’t have had the invented simultaneous video feed that they claimed on Fox News was occurring and the people in the White House were ignoring,” Bashir shot back, still referring to Benghazi. "So, let's not be entirely disingenuous."

Meyer said "no one in the media will actually ask the president and Hillary Clinton" the important questions on Benghazi.

"Where was the president during Benghazi?" Meyer asked, but got no answer.

Watch the segment via Mediaite/Fox News:

(H/T: Noah Rothman, Mediaite)

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