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Gossip Site Suggests Britney Spears' 'Revealing Outfit' Too Sexy for Church -- Agree? Plus, What Do You Think About Worship Attire in General?


"A super-short skirt and sky-high heels."

Pop star Britney Spears (left) (Photo Credit: Omg! Yahoo!)

It's not uncommon for the faithful to debate key elements of the church-going experience. TheBlaze already explored the never-ending battle over the style of music in American churches (while some people like old-school hymns, others prefer contemporary worship music), but what about attire?

Clothing, like music, can be a controversial subject, as some congregations prefer suits and ties for pastors and parishioners, alike, while others would rather see more comfortable outfits -- jeans, t-shirts and even sweatshirts. The argument that those in the former category pose is that people should look their best to honor the God they are worshipping. Those in the latter group contend that clothing is merely an outer fixture -- one that has little to nothing to do with praise and salvation.

Of course, the debate is more detailed — and that's especially true for women. For example, it's more than just formal versus informal: women are also constantly the center of debates about skirt length and shirt tightness when in the pews.

And it seems the controversy extends beyond the church community. On Tuesday, Yahoo's celebrity gossip site omg! published a piece detailing Britney Spears' outfit choice for a Sunday church visit. Under a headline that reads, "Britney Spears Wore--What?!--to Church?," omg! wonders if the popular pop singer, 31, and her attire were too racy for a church service at Calvary Community Church in Westlake Village, Calif. (You can see her clothing in the above image.)

The outlet describes her "revealing outfit" as consisting of "a super-short skirt and sky-high heels." Rather than being suited for church, the ensamble, according to omg!, is more tailored to "a night on the town." Watch the video report describing the outfit, below:

While you may care little about Spears, the real issue here is church attire. Based on what you saw in the clip, was the pop singer's outfit appropriate for church -- or something that women simply shouldn't be wearing inside of a house of worship? Or, was it fine and nothing out of the ordinary? Also, what are your overall views about the types of clothes that should be worn in church? Do you support formal or informal wear?

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