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These Photos Of a Giant Marlin Sinking a Fishing Boat Are Supposedly Real

Marlin: Not so powerful in your "big" fishing boat now are you? 212-547-1700

A couple weeks ago, Marlin Magazine posted a few stunning photos on its Facebook page of a hooked marlin appearing to take down a fishing boat.

Here's how things seemed to go in the photo album titled "Marlin Wins!":

The boat was like "got ya!" (Photo: Marlin Magazine/Facebook)

But then the marlin was like "not so fast...kiai" (sounds like hi-yah!). (Photo: Facebook/Marlin Magazine)

"Not so powerful in your "big" fishing boat now are you?" -Marlin (Photo: Facebook/Marlin Magazine)

"Yep, now you're really going to get it. Just wait until you're in the water with me."-Marlin (Photo: Facebook/Marlin Magazine)

"Never going to mess with a marlin again." -People (Photo: Facebook/Marlin Magazine)

One of Facebook photo captions, which places the event in Panama, states the boat actually floundered and passengers were rescued by the boat that was snapping pictures.

In the comments, Marlin Magazine confirms the images were not photoshopped. The Grind TV has more:

Not all the details are in, but apparently the captain began backing down on the huge fish, a common practice in big-game fishing when a fish is taking line. He puts the boat in reverse to chase the fish.

One commenter on Marlin Magazine's Facebook post who apparently had some knowledge of the incident said that the captain fell as he was backing down on the fish at full throttle. The boat took on too much water and, finally, there was no correcting the situation.

Do you believe the pictures are real, or do they look too Photoshopped?

Apparently for now it's marlin: 1 and boat: 0.

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