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You Decide: Is This Anti-Gun Tweet Something You'd Expect From a National News Organization?


While no one would attempt to argue that MSNBC is an unbiased news network, they are a news organization either way. That's why some Twitters users were a little thrown off when MSNBC's official Twitter account advocated so transparently against firearms.

"Do you know where your $$ is? Maybe it's invested in the #gun business. Use your wallet to support #gunlimits," the network tweeted on Thursday, linking to a story about that same topic.


After reading the first portion of the tweet, it's pretty obvious what MSNBC is saying. However, the network doubles down and encourages its viewers to support "gun limits" by making sure none of their money is supporting gun manufacturers, as if none of them could possibly be pro-gun.

Perhaps more entertaining than the actual tweet were some of the responses that come from Twitter users afterwards (Warning! Some strong language):


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