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Finally, a global warming 'solution' I can get behind

(Source: NASA)

Before you ditch your diesel pickup for a Prius, consider this:

Working fewer hours might help slow global warming, according to a new study released Monday by the Center for Economic Policy and Research.

A worldwide switch to a "more European" work schedule, which includes working fewer hours and more vacation time, could prevent as much as half of the expected global temperature rise by 2100, according to the analysis, which used a 2012 study that found shorter work hours could be associated with lower carbon emissions.

The Center for Economic Policy and Research is a liberal think tank based in Washington.

"The relationship between [shorter work and lower emissions] is complex and clearly understood, but it is understandable that lowering levels of consumption, holding everything else constant, would reduce greenhouse gas emissions," writes economist David Rosnick, author of the study. Rosnick says some of that reduction can be attributed to fewer operating hours in factories and other workplaces that consume high levels of energy.

I'm willing to make the sacrifices necessary to prevent Al Gore's predicted environmental doom for future generations.  I will volunteer to sleep 'til noon and work 'til 3.  I'm not lazy or a hero -- just a concerned citizen of the world.

You're welcome.

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