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High School Students Disciplined Over 'Disturbing' Nazi Salute Photo and Anti-Semitic Tweets


"These were kids that made a mistake..."

(Image via WLBZ2)

High school students in Maine are learning just how damaging some posts initially made in jest on social media sites can be.

A few students on the Greely High School girl's basketball team in Cumberland posted anti-semitic tweets and a photo including a Nazi salute that has resulted in their being disciplined, although the principal of the school declined to say how, according to WLBZ2.

(Image via WLBZ2)

An anonymous letter sent to the school last week detailed three pages worth of offensive posts, which included calling one of the teammates "Hitler" and another saying "If ---- picked me up, she would've made me do sprints, then put me in a gas chamber," WLBZ2 reported.

A letter was then sent to parents from Principal Dan McKeone and Athletic Director David Shapiro saying they hope that although "disturbing" this incident can be turned into a teaching opportunity to promote "tolerance and respect" and to show the implications of such posts.

"These were kids that made a mistake, and they learned from it, and they're moving forward," McKeone said, noting that he doesn't believe the girls involved truly intended for it to be hateful speech, according to WLBZ2.

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