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Scarborough calls Wayne LaPierre op-ed 'laced with racial overtones


On MSNBC's Morning Joe today, former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough read an excerpt from a column by NRA President Wayne LaPierre and called it "laced with racial overtones." The column was published in The Daily Caller yesterday.

In his column, LaPierre refers to "Looters [who] ran wild in south Brooklyn" after Hurricane Sandy. He also says "Latin American drug gangs have invaded every city of significant size in the United States." In its entirety, its a call for more people to defend the Second Amendment and join the NRA.

"This is so laced with racial overtones," Scarborough said this morning. "The Republican Party, if they were smart, their leaders today would condemn it, but they’re not smart; they’re scared, and if they keep running scared they’re going to lose more votes, they’re going to get hammered in future elections if they allow this clown to continue to lead them around by their nose. They’re shameful; they need to be leaders."

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