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1 Dead After Alleged Home Invasion in North Carolina: 'He Kept Beating Me So I Finally Got Out My .38...


"Guy kicked in the door, he came in and, ah, grabbed me and threw me down...and I shot him."

(Photo: WBTV3)

(Photo: WBTV3)

An alleged robber is dead after breaking in to a house in Hickory, North Carolina.

Police received a call Saturday morning from a homeowner who said he'd shot an intruder, and arrived to find both men still at the house.  The homeowner is alive and lightly injured; the intruder was pronounced dead at the scene.

The survivor, identified as Paul Ohla, explained his side of the story to WBTV3: "Guy kicked in the door, he came in and, ah, grabbed me and threw me down...He kept beating me and I finally got a hold of my .38, and I shot him."

52-year-old Carl Perry, a neighbor, said he heard two or three shots, according to the Hickory Record.

(Photo: WBTV3)

“I think it’s a bad deal went wrong,” he remarked.

Ohla was taken to the hospital for light injuries sustained during the altercation, but is expected to make a full recovery.

Investigators are still piecing together exactly what happened, but did find evidence of a break-in. Ohla is reportedly cooperating with police, and says he was acting in self-defense against a man he did not know.

WBTV3 has more on the story:

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