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Teachers Apologize for 'Humiliating,' 'Cruel,' & 'Dirty Rotten' End-of-Year Prank


"When my son told me, it blew me away...that's bullying, and there should be zero tolerance."

(Photo: Global Toronto)

(Photo: Global Toronto)

Teachers at a public school in Windsor, Canada decided to teach a student a lesson for snooping by pulling an elaborate prank on the 8th grade class, telling them they were all going to Disney World for graduation before dashing their hopes several days later.

They reportedly showed the students slide shows of Disney World, passed out pamphlets about the amusement parks, hotels and even an estimate of the (surprisingly affordable) costs.  At just $250 for the entire trip, many of the students thought they'd be able to swing it with their parents.

The students were even told to yell "We're going to Disney!" in unison. That's when, according to the Ottawa Citizen, the teachers put up a slide of their real end-of-year celebration destination: a local bowling alley.

One of the teachers reportedly filmed the students' devastated reactions on her iPad, and showed the clip to at least one other class.

"I have a lot of respect for teachers and what they do, but this was really stupid judgment," one parent said.  Another added: "When my son told me, it blew me away...that's bullying, and there should be zero tolerance."

Here's more on the story, via ABC7:

The teachers have since apologized and the school has denounced the prank, but the school is staying silent on whether any of the officials involved will be suspended or worse.

While many of the students say they have forgiven their teachers, their parents and commenters on news sites are still calling the prank "cruel," "humiliating," and "dirty rotten."

But at least one mother doesn't seem quite as outraged as the others.

Penelope Doe, remarked, according to Global Toronto: "I've got no problem.  I think it was good.  It was a funny prank."

What do you think?  Would you be upset if teachers pulled a similar stunt at your child's school?


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