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Beck Explains Why Networks Should Carry TheBlaze


On March 13, TheBlaze will launch a new program titled "For the Record," intended to provide news and  information to its viewers modelled in the vein of the original "60 Minutes" program from decades past. On his Monday evening broadcast, Glenn Beck said that For the Record will be must-see television.

With increasing viewer demand, markets for TheBlaze will grow exponentially, Beck said, but such growth also takes a concerted effort. What first started as an online-only network has now expanded to DISH Network and will soon be available in other mediums as well, including cable television.

Beck asked viewers to continue requesting its normal television service providers to start carrying TheBlaze, which has out-performed even DISH's projections by over 80 percent according to the network's head.

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The audience, according to Beck "is starving for programming that caters to its values." To answer the question some service providers may ask about why it's important to carry TheBlaze on their program line-up, the network launched a grassroots campaign to spread the word dubbed ""

Intended to provide TheBlaze audience with new ways of reaching out to their TV service providers and demand they bring TheBlaze to their lineup, the new initiative has sparked excitement from even within the network.

“Since we launched TheBlaze on DISH last fall we have been hearing from the audience asking when TheBlaze will be available on other TV providers,” said Carolyn Polke, president and chief operating officer of TheBlaze. “We are launching Get TheBlaze to provide the audience with the tools to connect directly with TV providers and let their voice be heard.”

“TheBlaze audience is passionate about our programming and they want to watch it on their TV,” Polke said. Get TheBlaze “is about making that demand heard by the TV providers.”

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