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CNN's Van Jones: 'We can admire' Rand Paul


And the hits keep on coming from former Obama adviser and CNN contributor Van Jones.

During Sen. Rand Paul's (R-Ky.) 13-hour talking filibuster Wednesday, Jones tweeted that Paul "is the man."

He continued on the love train in a column today, writing:

Yes, I said it, and I will say it again: On Wednesday night, Sen. Rand Paul was a hero for civil liberties. ...

It is a shame that it was Rand Paul, not progressives and liberals in the Senate, who led this filibuster.

Not only that, we can admire that Paul used the filibuster the way it should be used. He did not simply stick a Post-it note on a door somewhere and leave town, solely to gum up the government. Too many Republicans have done that during this president's time in office.

Jones went on to call Paul "a villain on civil rights" for voting against the Violence Against Women Act and his "desire to cut Social Security and Medicare, while preserving tax loopholes for the wealthiest people ever born."

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